24 Feb201617th March 2017

MyMachine Oklahoma is announcing their Grand Exposition

May 20. Oklahoma City Center. MyMachine Oklahoma is having its Grand Exposition on Film Row. It’s going to be a Friday night block party! An open air exhibition were you will be introduced to the 7 wonderful dream machines being invented and co-created by all pupils and students involved. You are of course invited. See...

10 Oct201517th March 2017

MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) starts their new MyMachine cycle

Kick off of a new MyMachine cycle by the Howest students Digital Arts & Entertainment and the 5th grade of the Elementary School Edugo St. Vincentius. This part of the MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) cycle is about translating the idea into a game. Some ingredients for the game: a love-machine that unites separated parents by using brain...

11 Jul201517th March 2017

MyMachine Óbidos Exhibition 2015 opens today!

Today is another great day for MyMachine. In the Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos MyMachine Óbidos opens their 2015 Exhibition! So we are proud to present the Educadora: the machine that learns how to tie your shoes the Matira: the helmet with lights and music to make you feel safe in the night the Biocleta: a boat with...

05 Dec20145th December 2014

Inauguration of the time travel machine in Belgium

80 children from an elementary school in Belgium tested their ‘time travel machine’, the result of a cooperation between schools and organizations in Belgium/Flanders and South Africa. Next week the South African children will have their final show!         

29 Nov201429th November 2014

Tele Time Machine in South Africa

Pupils at the Berzelia Primary School Atlantis discovering the final stages of the production of their own dream machine: the tele-time-machine!

25 Nov201425th November 2014

Visiting MyMachine Obidos, Portugal

The MyMachine Global Foundation is visiting the start of MyMachine Obidos, Portugal. Not only the children are dreaming of new machines, we want the teachers to make their own dream machine as well.     

06 Nov20146th November 2014

MyMachine Obidos, Portugal signs the MyMachine license.

Proud people in a proud photo: MyMachine Obidos, Portugal has signed the MyMachine license. MyMachine Obidos is run by Miguel Silvestre, Ana Sofia Godinho from Obitec Technology Park (Obidos) and Filipe Pinto from the IPL University (Leiria). MyMachine Obidos has started a feasibility exercise involving 100 children and students. We will soon be able to reveal...

05 Nov20145th November 2014

MyMachine on stage at VIP event of the Creativity World Forum 2014

  For the next two days, the city of Kortrijk (Belgium) is the world capitol of creativity, hosting the 2014 edition of the Creativity World Forum. We were happy to be invited at the VIP Opening Event to present MyMachine on stage. A big thank you to City of Kortrijk and Flanders DC. We wish...

14 Oct201414th October 2014

MyMachine is finalist for the #CF100 Video Contest of the Council on Foundations

The ‘MyMachine in 100 seconds’ video is within the 10 finalists from 125 submissions worldwide to win one of the TOP 3 prizes for the #CF100 Video Contest of the Council on Foundations, a network of approximately 1.600 foundations in the United States and abroad. The jury was blown away by the quality, thought and...

09 Oct20149th October 2014

MyMachine on stage at the Queen Paola Foundation and the Dirk Frimout Foundation Award show in Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian Queen Paola Foundation is dedicated to support the integration and education of youth. The Belgian Dirk Frimout Foundation, established by Dirk Frimout the first Belgian astronaut, is dedicated to support scientific knowledge of earth and space. Both foundations collaborate to organise a yearly contest, aiming at pupils from Belgian secondary schools, that elaborate...

25 Sep201425th September 2014

MyMachine Belgium starting up the new academic year!

MyMachine Belgium is starting up this academic year. 11 elementary schools, 10 vocational schools and 90 Howest University of Applied Sciences students Industrial Product Design and Digital Arts & Entertainment. Here we go! Find out more on www.mymachinevlaanderen.be

03 Sep20143rd September 2014

MyMachine in 100 seconds

Find out what MyMachine is all about in 100 seconds. Check out this video on the “What We Do” page on this website.    

01 Jul20141st July 2014

MyMachine pilot in Slovenia is working on 2 new machines

MyMachine Slovenia is now running a MyMachine pilot in the city of Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, and the city of Kranj. This pilot includes 2 machines that will be built with the participation of 3 schools. The Dream machines are invented by 39 pupils in the first grade class room of teacher Tjaša Pirc Pezdirc at the Primary School...

06 Jun20146th June 2014

The first MyMachine time travel machine is almost a fact!

South African inventor Valentino, 10 year, dreamt of a special time travel machine. With this machine he could fly anywhere and back in time to see everybody back again. At this moment the machine comes to life in a technical school in Atlantis, South Africa. Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of Howest design...

25 Apr201425th April 2014

MyMachine on stage at the OCWC 2014 conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia

On 25 April 2014 MyMachine was invited to speak at the OCWC 2014 organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia. OCWC 2014 will feature the official launch of OpeningupSlovenia, a national research and innovation environment for Open Education. Recent years have witnessed the rapid development of digital distance learning tools such as Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Massive Open Online Courses...

24 Apr201424th April 2014

Machine Invention Day at the Berzelia Primary School in South Africa

Monday February 24th was the big day. The MyMachine team met the children from the Berzelia Primary School in South Africa. And the team was impressed by the drawing skills of the children and their imagination. At the end every kid had his own dream machine on paper, and together they made up a top...

10 Apr201410th April 2014

Welcome to the new MyMachine Global website

MyMachine brings together children, pupils and students to turn imagination into reality. MyMachine Global is the foundation acting worldwide that brings together MyMachines from all over the world. Join us. This new website is a new page in hour history. Started in Belgium in 2007 and now active in different countries around the globe. This...

04 Apr20144th April 2014

MyMachine starting up in Slovenia!

MyMachine Foundation is proud to announce a cooperation with the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From the academic year 2014-2015 onwards three MyMachine runs will be organised in Slovenia. The agreement was signed at the Offices of the King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels. The Jožef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering...

18 Feb201418th February 2014

MyMachine presented as real-life project at STEM event Flemish government (Belgium)

By 2020 Flanders has the ambition to be one of the top five regions of Europe. To realize this ambition, it must invest in knowlegde and talents. Although many companies and research institutes are active in the domain of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), there is a gowing lack of young people studying exact...

14 Feb201414th February 2014

MyMachine Goes South Africa – Year II

MyMachine North-South Part II is on. Belgian students Jirko Van Lierde and Lies Seys are exploring Western Cape in South Africa along with Howest Head of Department Ronald Bastiaens and meeting with our friends from West Coast Community Foundation and CPUT in Cape Town. We’ll keep you informed. You can follow their adventures on the MyMachine website...

06 Feb20146th February 2014

MyMachine presenting in Horsens (Denmark)

On 29 January 2014 MyMachine was invited to speak at the Europadage organised by the Region Midtjylland in Denmark. We met enthusiast people from schools, local and regional governments with fantastic MyMachine ideas. A nice selection of the Danish inventions can be found here.

28 Aug201328th August 2013

MyMachine in Effect magazine of the European Foundation Centre

Thanks to the global network of the Global Fund for Community Foundations, The Community Foundation of West Flanders (one of the founding partners of MyMachine) got in touch with the West Coast Community Foundation (WCCF) in Malmesbury, South Africa. This enabled a partnership between MyMachine vzw and WCCF and was the start of the pilot...

26 Aug201326th August 2013

Successful exhibition and event

The exhibition and Design for Impact-lecture during the ‘Design Week 2013′ highlighted the final part of the North-South-pilot. MyMachine produced a lot of enthusiasm amongst the visitors. MyMachine is looking back to a successful pilot year. ‘MyMachine 1 +1 = 3’ – a spin-off of the basic MyMachine concept – allowed us to implement the MyMachine methodology for the first time outside the country’s borders. We found MyMachine to be as attractive and inspiring for...

06 Jun20136th June 2013

Pupils of OLVO Heist (Belgium) welcome their recycling robot

June 6, 2013 was a big day for all 259 pupils of OLVO Heist (Belgium). They welcomed Scrappy, the recycling robot at school. This dream machine came to life thanks to a cross-border co-operation between the three educational levels and organizations in Flanders and South Africa. The MyMachine team was able to introduce a first...

17 May201317th May 2013

MyMachine wins the Nyrstar Foundation grant 2012-2013

The Nyrstar Foundation awards the 2012-2013 grant to the new MyMachine North-South project. With childlike imagination as a starting point, MyMachine aims to leverage its unique methodology to promote creativity and entrepreneurship in education in developing countries. The project is a cross-border cooperation between schools and organisations in Flanders, Belgium and in developing countries. The pilot...

16 Dec201216th December 2012

1000 excited kids welcome ‘Scrappy, the amazing recycling robot’

After a long trip form Cape town to Malmesbury the final dream machine arrived at the primary school were he was invented. On Nov 30th 1000 children welcomed Scrappy, the recycling robot and enjoyed his inauguration during the MyMachine show! Who is Scrappy, the recycling robot? Scrappy is a robot caracter made of recycling materials...

21 Nov201221st November 2012

Building process in South Africa: the recycling robot comes to life

The recycling robot comes to life at the workstation of the Bellville campus of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. After an one hour drive from Malmesbury the inventors arrived to see the progress of their dream machine being build. Besides this they could enjoy themselves with some creative and interactive MyMachine workshops. This video...

08 Nov20128th November 2012

From child drawing to concept in South Africa

The start of the concept phase meant translating an abstract and wild idea into a realizable proof-of-concept. The result of this challenging process was the final concept of a recycling machine with a high content of play and fun and in which children can collect 3 types of waste. http://vimeo.com/53453742  

25 Oct201225th October 2012

MyMachine TV LIVE in South Africa

‘Why do you have to fart after eating beans?’ The chatterbox collected quintessential and amusing questions from Flemish kids to their South African peers. MyMachine searched for answers on the playground of the primary school in Malmesbury: http://vimeo.com/52447360

17 Oct201217th October 2012

South African imagination: kids choose ‘recycling machine’

The MyMachine team stimulates 30 learners to invent and draw their own dream machine. With very orginal ideas the children proofed that not everything has been invented yet. For example: ‘the mobile barbecue machine’ which enables you to enjoy your most favourite South Africa custom everywhere.  Or ‘the jokebox’, a machine that collects the best...

02 Oct20122nd October 2012

Belgian children invent dream machines for their peers in South Africa

On Sept 25th 2012, children from the 6th grade collected information about South Africa (climate, educational system, housing, …) in order to gain insight in the living environment of their peers. What kind of dream machine would they invent for their peers to make their lives easier or simple more fun? What do you think...

24 Sep201224th September 2012

MyMachine opens window to the world

Children invent their ‘dream machines’ that can be useful for their own lifes and also machines that will improve the living environment of other children. Did you ever hear about a ‘Hurricanefixer’, a machine that can be used in damaged regions or a ‘Toys-Fold-up’-machine, a machine that delivers the toys to poor countries? MyMachine Foundation received...

20 Sep201220th September 2012

MyMachine at Art Biennale Lille 3000 (France)

After exploring India and the many facets of Europe, Lille3000 is setting out on a new adventure, leaving the boundaries of reality behind and plunging Lille (France) and the Eurometropolis into a supernatural, amazing atmosphere: from 6 October 2012 to 13 January 2013, FANTASTIC will turn your world upside-down! Urban metamorphoses, major exhibitions at the...

05 Jul20125th July 2012

Enthousiastic inventors on ‘The Great MyMachine Show’

From June 22nd to July 1st 2012 the MyMachine grand exhibition took place in Kortrijk, West Flanders. On Thursday 28th 250 inventors enjoyed ‘The Great MyMachine Show’, a spectacle in which the participation of the audience was important. The dream machines were tested and approved. But the little inventors were the real eyecatchers of the...

08 Jun20128th June 2012

Inventors test their dream machine for the first time

Great news! The pupils from technical secondary schools have succeeded to realise the dreams of many children ! Recently they invited the little inventors to admire and, what’s more important, to test their dream machines. Inventors, designers and builders, all of them were present. The eyes of the children were shining. When they saw their machines...

26 Mar201226th March 2012

Children and students jointly develop marketing and business plan for their dream machines

In March 2012, Bachelor students from the Howest Network Economy (Belgium) visited primary schools throughout Flanders with  a clear mission. With a fun  approach, they  wanted to introduce the children  to different aspects of entrepreneurship. Children learned to think about potential users (and buyers) of their dream machines. They also imagined  being part of the...

15 Mar201215th March 2012

Dream machines become reality with help of the inventors

In the workstations of the 8 technical secondary high schools (Belgium) the dream machines become reality. Some of the schools were visited by the inventors. The fantasy of the children was obviously triggered when they were asked to paint their own ‘Flying World Explorer’.

09 Mar20129th March 2012

MyMachine on EDUshock experience in Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

On march 7th the EDUshock Experience took place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. An unconventional event about innovation in education: education that brings us far beyond the school walls. For MyMachine it was a unique opportunity to share our initiative with teachers, policy makers,experts and all people interested in education. It was an inspiring day on...

15 Feb201215th February 2012

MyMachine on the cover of Flanders Today

Flanders Today is a weekly English-language newspaper covering news, business, arts and culture in Brussels and Flanders. MyMachine is proud to be on the cover of Flanders Today.

08 Feb20128th February 2012

8 technical secundary schools bring dream machines to live

Since the beginning of this school year Howest University of Applied Sciences students product design have worked hard to conceptualise the children’s ideas into concepts of dream machines. Now about 250 pupils from 8 technical secundary schools involved in the project (Belgium) have 5 months to translate their techical drawings into real working prototypes of the...

20 Nov201120th November 2011

MyMachine invited by Vrtec Trnovo in Ljubljana, Slovenia

MyMachine is taking part in the international conference, organised by Vrtec Trnovo, on the role of kindergardens in creating an innovation ecosystem in society. Vrtc Trnovo acknowledge in MyMachine an innovative methodology to create cooperation between children, youngsters and grown-ups, in a project that stimulates creativity in education. The conference has a extraordinary (we like!)...

16 Nov201116th November 2011

TEDx Youth Flanders welcoms MyMachine

On Sunday November 20th 2011, the first TEDx Youth Flanders event will take place in the city of Antwerp (Belgium, Europe). This date is not just a date. It has been chosen, because on this day, 20 years ago, the United Nations have declared the 20th of November as the Universial Children’s Day. The whole...

10 Nov201110th November 2011

MyMachine on Brussels Innova

Brussels Innova, is a 4000 m² fair with exhibitors from 20 different countries, 4000 visitors and 500 innovations. This year we celebrate the 60th edition of this fair. We’re very proud to be able to present MyMachine on Friday November 18th 2011, to a public ranging from entrepreneurs to inventors! More on Brussels Innova here.

28 Oct201128th October 2011

Students win Belgian Innovation Award with MyMachine-computergame

On the 27th of October 2011, Howest University of Applied Sciences Digital Arts & Entertainment students, are awarded at the Innovation Award in the category Image & ICT for their brilliant first MyMachine-game, called ‘The inventors’.These students created and designed a 3D-computergame in which, the main character 12 year old Kiddo, helps making a better world...

13 Oct201113th October 2011

200 children inventors imagine new fantastic dream machines

On 13th and 14th of October 2011, 200 children from 9 different elementary schools in Belgium, started creating their own dream machines. They invented, described and made drawings of their own dream machine. Howest University of Applied Sciences Industrial Design students helped them out. In some elementary schools, the pupils of technical high schools joined as...

29 Sep201129th September 2011

The dream machine of astronaut Frank De Winne

September 29th 2011: MyMachine is introduced to Belgian astronaut Frank De Winne. Frank De Winne was the first non-American Chief Commander of the International Space Station (ISS) and was also via sattelite for one song the fifth member of U2 on their latest world tour (U2 360).  Frank showed immediate interest in the “Jump-to-the-moon-machine” and...

09 Sep20119th September 2011

MyMachine on stage at TEDx Flanders (Belgium)

Saturday 24th of September, MyMachine was on stage on the TEDx Flanders event in the Flemish Opera in Antwerp (Belgium). TED is an American event-format that presents new ideas, products and concepts. Some of these TED Talks become a hype on the internet, like the 2006 TED-Talk by Sir Ken Robinson on ‘Do schools kill creativity?’,...

06 May20116th May 2011

Sir Ken Robinson meets MyMachine

MyMachine, as a true bottom-up initiative, was recently triggered by Sir Ken Robinson. Ken Robinson, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources. In 1998, he led a national commission on creativity, education and the economy for the UK Government. ‘All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education’ (The...

16 Nov201016th November 2010

Belgian Royalty Filip and Mathilde meet MyMachine

Early October 2010, Luc Vandewalle (chairman of MyMachine) and Jan Despiegelaere (co-founder of MyMachine) got the chance by the Community Foundation of West-Flanders, to join the gala dinner of the Supporting Council of West-Flanders in the city of Ostend (Belgium). At this occasion, they presented MyMachine to Belgian prins Filip and prinses Mathilde (now King and...

15 Oct200915th October 2009

Indigo Brainmedia (Mexico) presents MyMachine

Indigo BrainMedia, a major Mexican leader on digital media and communication, visited the MyMachine team in September 2009 during the United Nations World Summit in Monterrey, Mexico. This resulted in a creative clash of ideas which resulted in an online presentation of MyMachine. Click here for the animation (and click further on ‘entrar’).

02 Sep20092nd September 2009

United Nations honors MyMachine

MyMachine is honored by the United Nations World Summit 2009. The award honors creative projects and initiatives worldwide.           MyMachine was honored by the WSA International Grand Jury ‘for it’s concept to promote creativity in education, its beautiful website (made in collaboration with Indiegroup) and exceptional example of creativity and innovative e-content’. Click...