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MyMachine Chapters

> MyMachine Armenia ___(powered by Scholae Mundi)
> MyMachine Catalonia, Spain ___(powered by Fundació Tr@ms) *currently on hold
> MyMachine Chihuahua, Mexico ___(powered by Fundacion Paso Del Norte)
> MyMachine Croatia ___(powered by Ipoi)
> MyMachine Flanders & Brussels, Belgium
> MyMachine Kenya ___(powered by Stadi za Maisha Educational Trust)
> MyMachine Kosovo ___(powered by Ideon)
> MyMachine Liège, Belgium ___(powered by Basse-Meuse Développement)
> MyMachine Norway ___(powered by UiA)
> MyMachine Portugal ___(powered by Obidos Technology Park)
> MyMachine South Africa ___(powered by ICA and Open Design Afrika)
> MyMachine Slovenia ___(powered by Institut Jozef Stefan)
> MyMachine Slovakia ___(powered by Karpatska Nadacia)
> MyMachine USA, Indiana Chapter ___(powered by LLC Maker Collective)

direct impact

> 1.54 Million Student-Hours: that’s like going to school* for 1,250 years.
*Not just any school, but probably the most creative Dream Machine School on the planet.
> 192,000 Educator-Hours
> 25,000 Ideas

Elaborated Dream Machines

> MyMachine is not a quick exercise in class. It’s an in-depth, lengthy co-creation process that goes deep.
> 522 working prototypes
> 1 Dream Machine turned into a commercialised product (myBOO), of which its sales are supporting our mission.

MyMachine DreamsDrop
ANnual Campaigns

> ideas from 53 countries
> participation of teachers from all continents
> ideas matched with the UN Development Goals

MyMachine as keynote on international and national events

133 events in 24 countries, reaching out to an audience of over 1.3 Million people.

🔸Community Foundations of Canada Conference, Montreal, Canada (November 2008)

🔸World Creativity Forum, Antwerp, Belgium (May 2009)

🔸Interreg NorthSea Conference, Stavanger, Norway (June 2009)

🔸United Nations World Summit, Monterrey, Mexico (September 2009)

🔸Designmanagement Europe, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (October 2009)

🔸Community Foundation Network Conference, Nottingham, UK (October 2009)

🔸Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations, Paris, France (October 2010)

🔸European Creative City Challenge Conference, Kortrijk, Belgium (November 2010)

🔸Designweek Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico (video) (February 2011)

🔸URBACT Creative Clusters Conference, Obidos, Portugal (June 2011)

🔸TEDxYouth, Brussels, Belgium (October 2011)

🔸CEDEFOP study visits, Brussels, Belgium (October 2011)

🔸Brussels Innova Fair, Brussels, Belgium (November 2011)

🔸Vrtec Trnovo, Ljubljana, Slovenia (November 2011)

🔸Community Foundations & Youth Civic Engagement, Cluj-Napoça, Romania (November 2011)

🔸C.H.O.Q. de la Wallonie Picardie, Tournai, Belgium (November 2011)

🔸Bureau de l’Eurometropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, Lille, France (November 2011)

🔸CEDEFOP study visits, Brussels, Belgium (January 2012)

🔸Bridging Entrepreneurship In Higher Education, Kaunas, Lithuania (March 2013)

🔸Creativity World Forum, Reverse Mission, Kortrijk, Belgium (September 2013)

🔸Europadage organised by the Region Midtjylland, Horsens, Denmark (January 2014)

🔸SiS Catalyst PPI Conference, Ghent, Belgium (March 2014)

🔸OCWC Global Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia (April 2014)

🔸Conference organised by the National School of Leadership in Education, Portoroz, Slovenia (April 2014)

🔸SIRikt 2014 International Conference, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia (April 2014)

🔸ACM Competition in Computer Science and Information Technology, Ljubljana, Slovenia (April 2014)

🔸Prijs Focus Aarde by Queen Paola Foundation, Brussels, Belgium (October 2014)

🔸Professional meeting of the principles of all Slovenian headmasters of Kindergartens, Ljubljana, Slovenia (October 2014)

🔸Creativity World Forum VIP Opening Event, Kortrijk, Belgium (November 2014)

🔸Assembly Slovenian headmasters of Primary schools, Ljubljana, Slovenia (November 2014)

🔸Assembly Slovenian headmasters of Middle schools, Ljubljana, Slovenia (November 2014)

🔸Online-Educa Global Conference, Berlin, Germany (December 2014)

🔸Economie Créative, Mons, Belgium (December 2014)

🔸Ministry of Education and Science, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (January 2015)

🔸Rotary Club Midwest City, Midwest, USA (March 2015)

🔸Creativity World Forum 2015, Oklahoma City, USA (March 2015)

🔸Stakeholders Event, Rose State College, Oklahoma City, USA (April 2015)

🔸Open Education Global Conference 2015, Banff, Canada (April 2015)

🔸Opening Event, MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition 2015 at MAO, Ljubljana, Slovenia (June 2015)

🔸Opening Event, MyMachine Belgium Exhibition 2015, Kortrijk, Belgium (June 2015)

🔸Opening Event, MyMachine Portugal Exhibition 2015, Óbidos, Portugal (July 2015)

🔸Internet of Education Conference 2015, Sarajevo, Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina (September 2015)

🔸FLIC-From Local to International Cooperation, Ericeira, Portugal (November 2015)

🔸Agoria Annual Assemblies International Business Clubs 2015, Brussels, Belgium (December 2015)

🔸Carpathian Foundation Staff Meeting, Kosice, Slovakia (April 2016)

🔸Opening Event, MyMachine Oklahoma Grand Exposition 2016 on Film Row, Oklahoma City, USA (May 2016)

🔸A Escola Sem Muros – Inter e Transdisciplinaridade, Almada, Portugal (July 2016)

🔸Rethinking India Conference at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, India (June 2016)

🔸Virgin Disruptors – People Creating Change, London, UK (October 2016)

🔸University of Zagreb – Hrvatska Consortium, Zagreb, Croatia (November 2016)

🔸Erasmus+ Meeting Obidos Partnership, Genova, Switserland (March 2017)

🔸Kuca – Paca Night, Prešov, Slovakia (May 2017)

🔸Greenville Chamber Of Commerce Event at Greenville County, Greenville South Carolina, USA (May 2017)

🔸NEXT High School Education Innovation, Wade Hampton, USA (May 2017)

🔸EPIC – Capacities of Youth Workers, Rajecké Teplice, Slovakia (May 2017)

🔸International Cartoon Festival on Inventions, Knokke, Belgium (July-August 2017)

🔸2nd UNESCO OER Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia (September 2017)

🔸Agoria International Business Development Gala, Antwerp, Belgium (October 2017)

🔸Reimagine Education, Philadelphia, USA (December 2017)

🔸Top West-Vlamingen, Brussels, Belgium (December 2017)

🔸Factory of the Future Award Show, Antwerp, Belgium (February 2018)

🔸Portuguese Creativo Network, Kortrijk, Belgium (March 2018)

🔸Going Global, British Council, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (April 2018)

🔸Workshop with Presidency High School in India, Ljubljana, Slovenia (July 2018)

🔸Vanhalst 50, Wevelgem, Belgium (August 2018)

🔸Getting Smart Podcast, Seattle, USA (August 2018)

🔸Network Meeting on the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT CFT) Harnessing Open Educational Resources (OER), Hammamet, Tunisia (September 2018)

🔸Creative Playground, Kosice, Slovakia (October 2018)

🔸Prototyping 2018, Kortrijk, Belgium (November 2018)

🔸Alentejo Criativo – IP Beja, Beja, Portugal (December 2018)

🔸Maison & Objet, Paris, France (January 2019)

🔸Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany (February 2019)

🔸Vlerick Management School Social Entrepreneurs, Brussels, Belgium (March 2019)

🔸Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Kristiansand, Norway (March 2019)

🔸Učíme pre život (We teach for life), Poprad, Slovakia (March 2019)

🔸Hanze Seated Dinner, Bruges, Belgium (April 2019)

🔸IGMO Vlerick Management School, Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium (June 2019)

🔸An Evening With MyMachine, Brussels, Belgium (June 2019)

🔸B2B Damme Golf, Damme, Belgium (August 2019)

🔸Basse Meuse Développement, Oupeye, Belgium (September 2019)

🔸Standaard Boekhandel Inspiration Days, Haasdonk, Belgium (October 2019)

🔸Folio International Literature Festival 2019, Obidos, Portugal (October 2019)

🔸Hundred Summit 2019, Helsinki, Finland (November 2019)

🔸Leiedal De Samenkomst 2019, Kortrijk, Belgium (December 2019)

🔸N.I.N.K. Business Network, Roeselare, Belgium (January 2020)

🔸MNE & Prototyping 2020, Kortrijk, Belgium (January 2020)

🔸T-Systems Experience Lab, Kosice, Slovakia (February 2020)

🔸HundrED Glocal Self Directed Learning, Atlanta, USA (February 2020)

🔸Unesco Futures of Education, HundrED Glocal, Hong Kong, China (August 2020)

🔸Steam Week Hrvatska, Zagreb, Croatia (September 2020)

🔸Open Design Afrika Festival 2020, Cape Town, South Africa (October 2020)

🔸HundrED 2020 Summit, Helsinki, Finland (November 2020)

🔸Burning Questions, Oulu, Finland (January 2021)

🔸Imagine IF…, London, UK (March 2021)

🔸1MillionDreams, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (March 2021)

🔸Round Table Amity University, Mumbai, India (April 2021)

🔸European Training Foundation & Unesco: Building Lifelong Learning Systems, Rome, Italy (June 2021)

🔸MyMachine Liège Exhibition Opening Event, Liège, Belgium (June 2021)

🔸Emjoy Conference: Reflect Recharge Restart, Helsinki, Finland (September 2021)

🔸Nikola Tesla Museum & Fablab Hrvatska Conference on the intersection of non-formal and formal learning, Zagreb, Croatia (October 2021)

🔸MyMachine Liège Exhibition op SAMS, Liège, Belgium (October 2021)

🔸Folio International Literature Festival 2021, Obidos, Portugal (oktober 2021)

🔸HundrED Summit 2021, Helsinki, Finland (November 2021)

🔸China Education Innovation Conference, Beijing, China (November 2021)

🔸International Design Fest, Gent, Belgium (April 2022)

🔸Open Design Afrika Documentary, Cape Town, South Africa (April 2022)

🔸SlovakiaTech Expo, Košice, Slovakia (September 2022)

🔸Teleráno National Television, Bratislava, Slovakia (October 2022)

🔸Paris Design Awards, Paris, France (October 2022)

🔸Folio MyMachine Atelier, Obidos, Portugal (October 2022)

🔸Opening MyMachine House, Obidos, Portugal (November 2022)

🔸China Education Innovation Expo, Beijing, China (November 2022)

🔸Changing Education Podcast, Helsinki, Finland (November 2022)

🔸Dag van de Wetenschap, Kortrijk, Belgium (November 2022)

🔸Conference on STEM education in Banská Bystrica Region, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia (December 2022)

🔸MyMachine Catalonia Exhibition Opening Event, Barcelona, Spain (January 2023)

🔸Fueling Creativity Podcast, Buffalo, New York, USA (January 2023)

🔸Philea Forum 2023, Sibenik, Croatia (May 2023)

🔸Kariéra EXPO, Košice, Slovakia (June 2023)

🔸Conference on recognition of benefits of non-formal education by Košice Self-governing region, Košice, Slovakia (June 2023)

🔸Folio Inauguration Dream Machines, Obidos, Portugal (October 2023)

🔸ICAS 2023, Seoul, South Korea (November 2023)

🔸Europe Cherry General Assembly, Kortrijk, Belgium (February 2024)

Awards & Endorsements

🌐 Good Design Awards Korea – Social Impact – Winner 2023
🌐 Good Design Awards Korea – Education Service Design – Winner 2023
🌐 Tech Education Initiative Of The Year – Innovation & Excellence Award by Corporate LiveWire – Winner 2023
🌐 Australian Good Design Awards – Education Service Design – Winner 2023
🌐 Australian Good Design Awards – Social Impact – Winner 2023
🌐 EdTech Digest – Global Leaders List 2023
🌐 Reimagine Education – Silver Award 2023
🌐 Inducted in the HundrED – Hall Of Fame
🌐 HundrED – Innovator 2023
🌐 IXDA-Interaction Design Award Shortlist 2022
🌐 HundrED – Innovator 2022
🌐 FAST Company – World Changing Ideas 2021
🌐 HundrED – (Co-Founder Piet Grymonprez) Innovator Of The Year 2021
🌐 Lego Foundation & HundrED – Global List 20 Best in Fostering Creativity 2021
🌐 HundrED – Innovator 2021
🌐 HundrED – Innovator 2020
🌐 Reimagine Education – Presence Learning: Gold Winner 2018
🌐 LERN – Award 2016
🌐 Designmanagement Europe Award 2010
🌐 United Nations – World Summit Award 2009
🌐 The New York Academy of Sciences
🌐 Harvard – Graduate School of Education
🌐 AGORIA International – Technology Industry & Business Development
🌐 The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
🌐 UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Education
🌐 Forbes
🌐 Getting Smart
🌐 Peter Gamwell (author, creativity/education expert)
🌐 Sir Ken Robinson
🌐 Sir Richard Branson

MyMachine In the Media

> 312 articles & Documentaries in print media, online media, and TV-Broadcasting worldwide.
> Outreach to an audience of > 142 Million.

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