_ CHARTE GRAPHIQUE FANTASTIC-1 copy2-gecomprimeerdAfter exploring India and the many facets of Europe, Lille3000 is setting out on a new adventure, leaving the boundaries of reality behind and plunging Lille (France) and the Eurometropolis into a supernatural, amazing atmosphere: from 6 October 2012 to 13 January 2013, FANTASTIC will turn your world upside-down!

Urban metamorphoses, major exhibitions at the Tripostal, the Gare Saint Sauveur and many partner cultural venues, extraordinary shows and events… FANTASTIC explores an intriguing programme that transforms the everyday and reveals the mysteries hidden around street corners and behind the doors of familiar places.

MyMachine will be part of it!
At the the Gare Saint Sauveur visitors will be introduced to the world of MyMachine and the fantastic ideas and realisations of small (and big) children and students.

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