IN_N1 - kopieJune 6, 2013 was a big day for all 259 pupils of OLVO Heist (Belgium). They welcomed Scrappy, the recycling robot at school. This dream machine came to life thanks to a cross-border co-operation between the three educational levels and organizations in Flanders and South Africa.

The MyMachine team was able to introduce a first recycling robot to 1000 primary school pupils in South-Africa at the end of November 2012. Afterwards, a strong team from VTI Zeebrugge and the students of Heist realized their own unique version of the recycling robot. The inauguration of Scrappy in Heist was accompanied by festivities and produced a lot of enthusiasm amongst the kids.

Comments of the pupils of OLVO Heist:
“We were allowed to choose the name of our recycling robot. We gave him the same name as his brother in Sout Africa: ‘Scrappy’. It’s nice to know that Scrappy the recycling robot has a belly full of waste on both sides of the world!”

“We are very happy with our own recycling robot which sorts three types of waste. The machine makes us think about how we should sort our waste by finding the matching hole. In addition, the robot keeps a close eye on us and sees if we sort waste wrong. ”

Comments of the students of VTI Zeebrugge:
We have been working for weeks at the recycling machine, but we have also learned a lot. Building a dream machine is something different than the other assignments we get. It’s a big satisfaction that the machine gets a permanent place on the playground and that it will be used. We are very proud of the result! “