What Higher Education Students lEarn

Higher Education Students go through an amazing hands-on experience (including budget restraints and deadlines) of their future jobs:

They learn to listen to their customer, in this case, the Primary School Child (a very demanding customer, by the way).

They learn to use their own knowledge and know-how to translate the idea into a concept.

They learn to take into account the production facility they can use, in this case, the participating Vocational/Technical Secondary Schools: they need to understand what production machines these schools have, and what complexity level the participating Technical/Vocational Secondary School Students can handle.

What Vocational/Technical Secondary Students Learn

Technical/Vocational Secondary Students learn about the valuable contribution they make in a product design flow:

They learn that, in many cases, they can improve the design made by university students.

They learn to communicate how they can guarantee the production can be made easier and better.

They learn the importance of their skills as a critical asset in bringing (product-) ideas to life and creating added value.

What Primary School Students learn

Primary School Children learn that the world in which they live in is malleable and that they can actually contribute to society, rather than just be a consumer of society:

They learn that having ideas is important and brings joy and wonder.

They learn what it takes to bring an idea to life.

They learn along the way that nothing comes easy and that bringing an idea to life means you will need to rely on teamwork, empathy, respect for each other’s talents, persistence and resilience.

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