Hi there ! My name is myBOO !

 myBOO !

myBOO !

Hi there!

Nice to meet you! I’m myBOO.

I was invented by students participating in MyMachine and elaborated in collaboration with the design company Vanhalst, 2 Give and Enjoy.

I am a happy, good ghost that will protect you during the night. Yes, that’s right!

First, I scan your room for evil ghosts and then I let them disappear. My other good-ghosts friends and I will make sure you’re safe!
And we keep you safe all night.

Sweet dreams!

I come in two sizes, each with their own fabulous features:

myBOO light 20cm

myBOO light and speaker 50cm

You can buy me here :

If your country isn’t in our list yet, don’t worry. We are adding new countries all the time, as we want to grow distribution of myBOO to as many countries as possible.

Shipping worldwide through this webshop.

  • AltaGamma
  • list of selling points available soon

In The Box

myBOO 20cm

In the box:

1 myBOO 20cm
+ USB charging cable
+ MyMachine leaflet

h: 20,0cm

The moment I start working you’re immediately safe.
First I search the room for ghosts. For hunting them I turn red.
When I see other good ghosts I tell them they should stay as well. Then I’m blue.
 And when I’m sure your house is completely safe, I turn green.
Then I’m white, which means I keep you company and keep you safe asleep.
Sweet Dreams!
This takes about 15 minutes. But you can speed it up by touching me!
ps: I’m rechargeable via a USB socket.
1 hour charge = 8 hours of use = 32 days (when using 1 cycle of 15 minutes a day)

myBOO 50cm

In the box:

1 myBOO 50cm
+ Remote Control
+ USB charging cable
+ MyMachine leaflet


The moment I start working you’re immediately safe.
Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to play your favourite music.
Use the remote control to:
  • choose my evil-ghost-hunting-colour
  • choose brightness of the light
  • choose auto-color-change following the tempo of the music or smoothly
  • music volume up and down
  • switch music tracks
  • make a Bluetooth connection
  • put me on or off.
ps: I’m rechargeable via a USB socket.
4 hour charge = 8 hours of 100% light-intensity and music-volume

Help us freeing the world from bad ghosts !

Now that your room is safe, you can join us in registering your myBOO here. Then your myBOO will join all the other ones in all those other homes around the world. And that is how, together, we can create a world free of bad ghosts!
Register your myBOO (see below) and join our world map of all registered myBOOs in the world.


Register your myBOO on our worldmap !

    By clicking “Register my myBOO” you accept the terms and conditions.

    This is my becoming !

    The idea for a bad-ghost-hunting-machine originated through STEP 1 of the MyMachine methodology, which in my case, started in a classroom at the Primary School SBS Centrumschool in Harelbeke (Belgium).
    Then in STEP 2 of the MyMachine methodology, the idea was conceptualised by Industrial Product Design Students at HOWEST University of Applied Sciences in Kortrijk (Belgium).
    In STEP 3 of the MyMachine methodology, I was build for the first time as a working prototype by students at the Technical Secondary School called Guldensporencollege Campus Engineering in Kortrijk (Belgium).
    Years later, I was mentioned on a meeting between the MyMachine Global Foundation and Atelier Pierre –  Junior. That sparked STEP 4.
    It never happens in any product design process, that a prototype can become a distributed product right away. There’s always still a huge pile of work to learn from the prototype, to rethink and redesign it into the next step of becoming a real product. In my case, professional product designers from the company needed to completely rethink me for me to be able to become myBOO.
    The company invested big time in recreating and redesigning me. They produced new designs, new layouts, new prototypes of me, defined new materials for me and then prepared all the technical specifications and designs for those fancy production machines to be able to produce me.
    The company also invested hard on obtaining all necessary legal certifications and went on to make a lot of moves on Business-to-Business fairs to sell me to distributers in many countries.

    I’m thinking about the environment !

    I am conceived by product designers that take the entire lifetime of a product into consideration right from the start of the ideation phase. It’s what they call Design for Assembly and Design for Disassembly, Eco Design or (Environmentally) Sustainable Design.
    All of the myBOOs, when used appropriate, can’t actually break into pieces. So they should last a very, very, very long time. So they won’t be up for recycling soon.
    But still my designers thought about that moment far, far, far away in the future. So when I do need to be recycled, that will be easy. Because recycling starts in the designproces  with thinking about the use of material. Products that are made of one type of material are very easy to recycle or up-cycle again. If a products exists of different materials, then the designer needs to take into account the possibility for disassembly of it all.
    So in my case, this is what it means:

    myBOO 20cm

    When you bring the myBOO 20cm to your nearest recycling drop-off center, they will be able to manually split my body from my electronics and battery compartment. Add to this my USB charging cable, and you have my 4 parts that can be recycled separately.

    Donate your used myBOO to an underprivileged child !

    As you grow up, one day in the future you might wake up thinking: “hey, now I’m big and strong enough to deal with the bad ghosts myself”! That could be a good moment to consider maybe donating your wonderful myBOO to a child in your neighbourhood or to an underprivileged child.
    You can donate your myBOO to an organisation in your town that is helping underprivileged families and ask them to bring your myBOO to one of those families.
    Another option you have is to donate it to MyMachine. We will then identify an underprivileged family through our MyMachine Chapters in different countries.
    For people living in Belgium: MyMachine and Atelier Pierre Junior have set up a collaboration with Feestvarken vzw. This non-profit is specialised in delivering birthday-presents to underprivileged children in Belgium.
    Deliver your used myBOO at this address: Feestvarken vzw, De Werkplaats, Antwerpsesteenweg 79+, 2390 Malle. They will clean it up, put it in a brand new myBOO-box and make an underprivileged child happy.
    For all other countries:
    1. first you fill out the form below, providing us information about the type of myBOO you want to donate and which MyMachine Chapter you would prefer to work with;
    2. then we will provide you with the details of how you can ship your used myBOO to a partnering organisation that will help us identifying an underprivileged family.

      By clicking “I Want To Donate My Used myBOO” you accept the terms and conditions.

      Note from the Managing Director and Co-Founder of MyMachine

      From the very start of MyMachine and still today, we keep on emphasising that MyMachine is all about the process: the possibility for young students to discover what it takes to bring an idea to life, learning in an open education context to be creative and entrepreneurial, to co-create, to respect each other’s talents, to discover STEAM, to discover why it’s important to keep on dreaming, to build creative confidence. And all of this inspires teachers and professors to think about education in a different way so that they can improve the education system from within.

      But also from the very first run, we did acknowledge that we shouldn’t be blind to the opportunity that a few ideas might have potential as a market viable product.

      So today we are very proud to announce that one year ago, we have started a collaboration with Vanhalst, 2 Give And Enjoy; a Belgian family owned company selling products in 32 countries worldwide. The company is now making a big investment to transform the product-idea into a real life product, to make sure that it complies with all regulations for each of the countries the product could be launched in and to get all necessary certifications, organise production, distribution, marketing and sales.

      The product itself will be labeled as a MyMachine product. By purchasing myBOO you will be very much aware that you are not just buying a great product, but by doing so, also support MyMachine. This means that part of the revenue is coming back to the MyMachine Global Foundation; which will enable us to keep on providing MyMachine for free to all the participating schools.

      So thank you for buying myBOO!
      You are thus supporting our cause: helping students to build creative confidence, and improving their education system!

      Piet Grymonprez, Co-Founder & Managing Director

      2 September 2019.