de wereldmachine - kopieChildren invent their ‘dream machines’ that can be useful for their own lifes and also machines that will improve the living environment of other children. Did you ever hear about a ‘Hurricanefixer’, a machine that can be used in damaged regions or a ‘Toys-Fold-up’-machine, a machine that delivers the toys to poor countries?

MyMachine Foundation received a grant from the Flemish Government to run a 2-year MyMachine-pilot in collaboration with one or more partner countries in the South. There is a strong relation between global and technical education in the project which is based on an unique collaboration between the 3 education levels.

Dreaming and entrepreneurship, creativity and cross-fertilization – these are all key to MyMachine.

We want to spread the MyMachine approach, where children, students and teachers as well as schools, enterprises and other organizations work together and inspire each other.