DSC_0070The MyMachine team stimulates 30 learners to invent and draw their own dream machine.

With very orginal ideas the children proofed that not everything has been invented yet.

For example: ‘the mobile barbecue machine’ which enables you to enjoy your most favourite South Africa custom everywhere.  Or ‘the jokebox’, a machine that collects the best jokes at school and plays them during playtime or do you prefer ‘the caranator’, a smart vehicle for children which can be used without driving license.

Besides their own imagination the learners could discover, discuss and rate the inventions the Flemisch children made for them.

It was interesting to discover that 2 of the drawings were almost similar. The South African learners and Flemish learners both want us to design and build ‘a recycling machine’.

An impression of the creative process: http://vimeo.com/51661564