to solve personal, local or global challenges
or just because it's so much fun!
Learning how to bring your bold ideas to life

between all educational levels.

a unique collaboration

and what it takes to bring an idea to life

that having ideas matter


learning to be


when students see that what's happening in the classroom can impact the real world, they see their education in a whole new







Empathy Design

Joy and Wonder

Respecting Each Other's Talents



Product Design

learning how to bring your ideas to life

Learning children how to bring their own idea(s) to life.

Enabling young people to drive their own future, to become the self-motivated, problem solving, creative, self-employed or team workers that companies, organizations and the world at large are looking for.

Whether you want to solve a challenge in your job or neighbourhood, create something fun, start your own company or whether you want to come up with a solution for something personal or a global issue, all require bold action to bring your idea to life. This is where (in the words of Harvard University) MyMachine delivers the “I can do that” perspective to all participants.


learn that having ideas is important. That you shouldn’t be afraid to express your ideas -even if they sound a bit weird or challenging in the beginning. They learn what it takes to bring an idea to life; and that you can do it by respecting each other’s talents, co-create, collaborate and being persistent and resilient;


experience the power of project based learning. They participate in an open education process that proves to students that what happens in a classroom can impact the -and has a link to- the real world. That’s the pivotal moment they realise that MyMachine – and thus education – brings them skills they can use for life.

And the best part of it: it’s crazy fun!

our unique and multi-award-winning methodology:

In 1 Academic Year:



their Dream Machine.


Higher Education

a Concept.


Technical Secondary

a Working Prototype.

Through our growing global network, partners can share ideas and innovations across borders and adapt promising ideas in their own countries.
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With A Global Impact

> 65 000 student-months

> 11 000 students

> 12 Countries

> 9 000 Ideas

MyMachine is Endorsed by (a.o.)

Tom Vander Ark,
Getting Smart
(previously the first Executive Director Education
at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

“MyMachine is the kind of methodology that gives young people confidence in complexity, initiative in opportunity and awareness in diversity."

Sir Ken Robinson

“We need inspirational, practical examples of the vitality of creativity, the dynamics of collaboration and the power of possibility. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this inspiring account of the work of MyMachine.“

Hank Nourse,
The New York Academy of Sciences

Sir Richard Branson

"By engaging children’s imaginations and encouraging all members of the education community to share in their innocence, curiosity, and capacity to dream, MyMachine inspires a love of learning that will serve participants for life."

"Love this concept - giving youngsters a way to work together and bring their dreams to life."

Peter Demuynck,
Agoria, The Belgian Technology Industry Association

Angela Haydel DeBarger

"The companies are in need of young, skilled and creative talents. From the kinds that are not afraid of taking on groundbreaking ideas and turn them into tangible new products and services. Students learn that every idea matters if you want to contribute to innovation. And they learn to do so through collaboration and by respecting each other’s talents. Exactly like they will need to to do in their future jobs."

"Because the children really are the “bosses,” MyMachine can teach us a lot about how to foster student growth in disciplinary practices, problem-solving, social and emotional learning, and creativity."

Amy Kamarainen,
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Christina Smiraglia,
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Edward P. Clapp,
Harvard Graduate School of Education

“Wherever MyMachine chooses to go next, it is our hope that these three intangible outcomes—cultivating wonder, joy, and a sense of community—remain central to its mission.”

Magali Veramme,
Product Designer,
MyMachine Alumnus

“My current job as stage-designer for artists like Madonna, U2, Rolling Stones, feels like ‘MyMachine XL’. I’ve learned the skills I need for this creative job, when I was participating in MyMachine as product design student at HOWEST.”

Carolina Petrič (17)
Student Technical High School,
MyMachine Alumnus

“As a young woman, I'm unfortunately an exception at my school, pursuing technological education. What I've done in MyMachine truly interest me. The professors think it’s great that I was working on MyMachine, because the technical studies need a women’s touch.”

Saku Tuominen,
Founder and creativive director HundrED

Peter Gamwell
Author of The Wonder Wall,
presenter and
award-winning leader in education

"Spreading innovations such as MyMachine across borders can be a gamechanger for education, worldwide. We will continue to encourage as many stakeholders as possible including schools, educators, administrators, students and organizations to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future."

“Ultimately MyMachine provides a model of a creative process that achieves a wonderful balance of unleashing of imaginative and unique ideas within a structure that is supportive, open and flexible.”

Sérgio Gonçalves,
Professor at Caldas da Rainha
College of Arts and Design

“In reality we, the adults participating in MyMachine, almost all being students, teachers, and professionals ended up being the true apprentices in this adventure. We learned, laughed, had fun and worked hard. The children have made possible this regain of sheer honesty, and made us all become a little bit of a better person.”

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