logo MyMachine - SloveniaMyMachine Slovenia is now running a MyMachine pilot in the city of Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, and the city of Kranj. This pilot includes 2 machines that will be built with the participation of 3 schools.

The Dream machines are invented by 39 pupils in the first grade class room of teacher Tjaša Pirc Pezdirc at the Primary School Savsko nacelle in Ljubljana.

The MyMachines are being built in two schools:

  1. The middle School Vegova Ljubljana in Ljubljana, where 5 pupils of the 3rd year of the classroom of Nataša Makarovič, are making the Fairy tales writing robot – Ladybug Machine 3 students of Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana are helping them out.
  2. The middle school and higher education school Kranj School Centre in Kranj are making the Walking School Bag Machine.

The Machines have been invented and translated into a concept. Starting from September, these 2 machines are going to be built. We plan on having the 2 working prototypes by December 2014.