MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition5Today is another great day for MyMachine. In the Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos MyMachine Óbidos opens their 2015 Exhibition!

So we are proud to present

  • the Educadora: the machine that learns how to tie your shoes
  • the Matira: the helmet with lights and music to make you feel safe in the night
  • the Biocleta: a boat with pedals to catch flies and take off the balls from the roof of the schoolbuilding
  • the Comboio Hulk: a train with pedals to drive it
  • the Eduardo Robot: shows us how to tie our shoes, but we have to do it really fast, as the robot shows the time needed to tie the shoes.

Many distinguished guest will be visiting the exhibition today, like amongst others the Prime Minister of Portugal.

MyMachine Óbidos will also have an extra event in September for all the participating children, pupils and students who have been working really hard to make these fantastic machines.

A big thank you to the wonderful MyMachine Óbidos team for their great work!

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