Obrigado, Sr. Rui

It’s with a heavy heart that we heard about the passing of Mr Rui Nabeiro Sunday evening. 

In 2019 we were blessed with the partnership we started between the Nabeiro Group and MyMachine Portugal.

It was Mr Rui Nabeiro himself who came to the MyMachine Portugal exhibition in Campo Maior to sign the agreement with MyMachine Portugal’s Ana Godinho, André Silva and Humberto Marques.

We still take so much pride in this partnership with Portugal’s most famous entrepreneur and most loved philanthropist.

Delta Cafés was founded by Rui Nabeiro in 1961 in Campo Maior. In 1994, the company became Portugal’s market leader. The company now has a turnover of 400 million Euro and has 47,000 direct retail clients and 3,000 employees.

All of us at the MyMachine Global Foundation, salute you Mr Nabeiro. Thank you! Our heartfelt condolences to your family, gathered today at your funeral. 

Obrigado, Sr. Rui.