MyMachine Portugal signs collaboration with Portuguese multinational Nabeiro Group

A great day for MyMachine Portugal yesterday! In the city of Campo Maior, MyMachine Portugal has signed a protocol for collaboration with the Associação Coração Delta, the Corporate Social Development program by Delta (Nabeiro Group).

Delta Cafés was founded by Rui Nabeiro in 1961 in the town of Campo Maior, Alentejo, in a small 50 square metres warehouse. In 1994, the company became Portugal’s market leader. The company has now a turnover of 400 million Euro and has 47,000 direct retail clients and 3,000 employees.

It was Mr. Rui Nabeiro himself that came to the MyMachine Portugal exhibition in Campo Maior to sign the agreement with Ana Sofia Godinho, André Silva and Humberto Marques. Delta (now part of his Nabeiro Group) has a clear focus on supporting creativity for young children. That is why the match with MyMachine is a very good one of course.

We are very thankful and pride to have Delta joining the list of companies that we partner with.

Humberto Marques and Rui Nabeiro