Pulse Foundation Partners with MyMachine

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Belgian Pulse Foundation. Pulse Foundation is founded by influential European entrepreneurial families. The chair of the Pulse Foundation is Count Tanguy du Monceau.

The Pulse Foundation brings together families of entrepreneurs who share the same vision: through the jobs and added value it creates, through the innovation and creativity it generates, and through the fulfilment it enables, entrepreneurship is the key to many (if not all) of today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges. By supporting entrepreneurship, Pulse works in a transversal and sustainable way on issues of education, employment, integration, access to care, environment and empowerment.

The Pulse Foundation aims to encourage and promote entrepreneurial culture from an early age. Fueling the sense of initiative and an entrepreneurial context allows future generations to be entrepreneurs, to seek and find the place where they can give their best in our society. A context that is teaching them to constantly adapt to an ever more rapidly changing world. This is exactly where the mission of the MyMachine Global Foundation and that of the Pulse Foundation perfectly match!

The board of the Pulse Foundation has decided to help lever MyMachine’s efforts in Belgium and support growing our impact in the global education and societal space. We want to thank Pulse’s board members, and Emmanuelle Ghislain, Olivia Degueldre, and all at Pulse for their confidence.