hundrED interviews MyMachine Co-Founder

“Dreams can foster creative confidence: How MyMachine inspires students to believe in their ideas”. This is the title for a brand new article on our work. HundrED is a global mission-driven organisation specialised in education innovation. Based in Helsinki, Finland, HundrED operates globally. Finland has a very strong reputation when it comes to education. And we therefore take much pride in how HundrED puts its spotlight (again) on our work!

The article is the result of an interview by Jamie Lee (hundrED) with our Co-Founder Piet Grymonprez. He talks about the origins of MyMachine, the mission, how he hopes that many young people from Gen Z and Gen Alpha will find their creative confidence, and reflects on the future: “It’s our mission to continue to put MyMachine at the service of this movement, at the service of teachers and professors who inspire a love of learning in their students by engaging in project-based learning“.

Thank you so much to HundrED!

Read the full article here.