MyMachine Portugal kicks of the 2018 MyMachine Exhibition season
Friday June 1st. 21h00. Hundreds of children and their parents, teachers, professors, secondary students and university students gather at Complexo Scolar Dos Arcos in Obidos. They embark on the discovery of the elaborated dream machines. The presented prototypes were exquisite and we have seen only happy faces:

the travel to the moon and back machine: a spectacular machine both on the outside as on the inside. People were lining up all night to be able to embark on this adventure.

the helmet that reads your thoughts: if you put this on, the helmet detects what your thinking and puts that on a screen in the front so that others can read your thoughts. Even the mayor of Obidos couldn’t resist to try this.

the machine that shows you how the sun works: quite some complicate chemistry involved in this one and even with sound detection.

the mega cuddle machine: although at the opening event some cuddles looked more like jump-cuddles, but the rabbit could take it all.

the machine to search for items you’ve lost.

And giant touch screens invited the visitors to watch videos of how these dream machines came to life during the past school year.

The opening event was brilliant and sets the standard for all the upcoming events. This MyMachine Portugal exhibition is travelling and will be on display in the next two weeks in two additional venues.
Later on this year, there will be another exhibition showcasing all elaborated prototypes in Portugal as the dream machines build in the North of the country were not yet on display in this event in Obidos.
Thank you so much to Ana Sofia, André and all at MyMachine Portugal for this amazing event and amazing MyMachine year in Portugal!