The creative brains of Mexican primary school children have spoken! The new MyMachine Mexico cycle is off to a splendid start! Children in different primary classes have been given the opportunity to invent their Dream Machines! Then children discuss which Dream Machine they really want to test.

Through this funnel, a selection of Dream Machines gets chosen. These ideas will go into Step 2 (Design) and Step 3 (Building A Working Prototype) of MyMachine. Along the way, they will learn plenty of lifeskills and we are eager to learn about their experience!

MyMachine Mexico celebrates the end of Step 1 (Ideation) by uniting the inventors with all other stakeholders (universities, vocational secondary schools) who commit to bringing those brilliant ideas to life. Thank you Cenaltec Juarez , Universidad Tecnologica de Ciudad Juarez , Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, La Rodadora, Terrafina, Funax and Desafío Juárez.

A big thank you to all involved students, teachers, professors, and our MyMachine Mexico team at Fundacion Paso Del Norte!

This didn’t go unnoticed in the Mexican media: here are a few newspaper articles: