MyMachine DreamsDrop: making 15 dream machines from Mexico, Ecuador, Mozambique, South Africa and India! And students in 6 countries around the globe that have learned the power of possibility: how to take up your idea and bring it to life.


Primary school children in Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, Mozambique and India uploaded their dream machine ideas to our worldmap of dream-machine-ideas.
We picked 15 of them.
  1. Ar Condicionado Mágico (Mozambique): Gabriel wants a machine to bring some light in the dark and some air-cooling as the nights are hot and it should also double as a smartphone-holder
  2. Teléfono Con Manos (Mexico): Leonardo wants his parents to have a smartphone that does everything automatically, so that they can play with him more in stead of being busy on their smartphone all the time
  3. Power Ranger (South Africa): Tairick wants a machine to give water to the grass
  4. Trotinete de Limpadora (Mozambique): Antonio wants a step that he can use to clean the floor
  5. Handwriting Pen (India): Kiran wants a machine that enables people with an ugly handwriting to learn to have a beautiful handwriting
  6. Meisie (South Africa): Wilmarie wants a machine with a flat bouncy tummy that she can throw a ball at
  7. Máquina Del Tiempo (Mexico): Jorge wants a machine that enables him to communicate with his loved-ones that have passed away
  8. Plant Parent (India): Kiran wants a machine that shows wether or not the plant needs water and that enables the plant to cath the sunlight from all sides
  9. Ball & Bed (South Africa): Elmarie wants to have a ball-game installed on her bed so she can continue playing without her parents noticing it
  10. Mi Máquina De La Juventud (Ecuador): Alan wants a machine that enables people not to age so they can stay young and not die.
  11. A Caixa Mágica (Mozambique): Alesha wants a magical box to hold and organise her stuff including make-up
  12. Lanzadore De Telerañas (Mexico): Jorge wants a machine that enables him to throw a cobweb to children that are hurting other children
  13. Caixa Secreta (Mozambique): César wants a box to keep his secrets in.
  14. Doctor Stranje El Hoyo Negro (Mexico): Leonardo wants a machine that gives you Lego bricks when you put an empty plastic bottle in the machine (recycling)
  15. Ben (South Africa): Lamore wants a machine that can help her grandfather with cleaning his umbrella.


80 product design students at the School of Industrial Product Design at Howest University of Applied Sciences conceptualised these ideas in only 2 days.

More pictures and videos here:

AND THEN YOU HAVE THIS: 15 proof of concepts

SEE ALL THE RESULTS HERE: click world-map picture:

use this link to see pictures, videos and everything there is to know about these wonderful ideas and how they have been developed: here you can find those 15 selected ideas on our world-map-of-ideas.

Here’s some wonderful pictures from Lief School in Mexico when the class saw the results and looked at the videos made by the university students:

And their wonderful ‘thank-you-video’:

And here’s the Escola Portuguesa de Mozambique:


Thank you so much to the participating students in Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, Mozambique, Belgium and India! Thank you to all teachers and professors involved: Ronald Bastiaens, Mrs Botha, Louwna Burger, Kerly Cedeño, Lieven David, Erwin Deibel, Leen Deprez, Nils Ferlin, Zhara Flaviani, Heino Labbeeuw, Rita Pereira, Katrijn Sabbe and Harish Vokkaliga and thank you Jeremy Maarman, Punith Raj and André Silva.