MyMachine Slovakia Work In Progress Part 1 (on national television)

Work-In-Progress is the exquisite moment in which the customers -the dream machine inventors from primary class rooms- give their final feedback to the university students, who have been translating the dream machine ideas into a concept.  MyMachine Slovakia has participating schools in different parts of the country. That is why their Work-In-Progress event is now split in 2, each in a different city:

Wednesday 5 February the MyMachine Work-In-Progress Part 1 was in the city of Žilina. Students of the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies from UNIZA Univrsity and students from the Faculty of Engineering of TUKE university presented their proof-of-concepts to the primary school children.

Televizia Raj made a beautiful coverage:


We can’t wait to see the working prototypes in a couple of months. Stay tuned!