Entrepreneurship should be about improving the lives of others

“MyMachine gave me the vision that entrepreneurship should be about improving the life of others”, says Ferdinand de Meeûs d’Argenteuil on stage at the annual Donors Assembly of Pulse Foundation.

This event in Brussels, Belgium, annually gathers the donors of the Pulse Foundation to exchange insights on the importance of entrepreneurship. We were honoured to have MyMachine alumnus Ferdinand join a panel to share his thoughts on entrepreneurship, and what he learned from participating as a university student in MyMachine Liège (powered by Basse-Meuse Développement). Ferdinand talked about how MyMachine shows the power of ideas, and how to bring them to life. But most of all that entrepreneurship should be about delivering a great and sustainable product or service that improves the life of the customers.

Pulse Foundation is founded by influential European entrepreneurial families. The chair of the Pulse Foundation is Count Tanguy du Monceau. They bring together families of entrepreneurs who share the same vision that entrepreneurship is the key to many (if not all) of today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges. Earlier this year, Pulse decided to support MyMachine. We feel privileged to be alongside Pulse in elevating entrepreneurship skills in young generations. Thank you so much to Pulse’s chairman, board, donors, and team!

And many, many thanks to Ferdinand!