MyMachine wave On Belgian television news stations

Young people’s dreams are hitting the news in Belgium! Different regional television broadcast companies have been covering the big reveals of several Dream Machines. These reveals take place at the primary school that invented them. The child inventors have been involved in the whole process from inception to the making of these working prototypes. But this big reveal remains a fabulous moment: finally, they can discover the finished prototype, and test it!

We’re delighted with these regional television coverages, showing us all but proud students and teachers! Here are links to those stories (Dutch):

The Make-Me/Us-Happy machine:

The Fantandem:

The Shoe-Washer:

The Chicken-Hotel:

Next up is that these Dream Machines will now move to the forthcoming exhibition in Brussels, before coming back for good to this school.
Thank you so much to all students and educators involved! And our amazing team at MyMachine Flanders & Brussels!