Collaboration in real-life. Not in textbooks. Exhibition of brand new Dream Machines!

Collaboration in real-life. Not in textbooks. A lot happens when you co-create: creativity sparks at the beginning, and perseverance gets you through the most challenging moments of going from idea to concept to working prototype. That’s how it looks when hundreds of students and educators in primary, secondary and higher education co-create Dream Machines. 

In this year’s round of MyMachine Flanders & Brussels, these creative and entrepreneurial spirits co-created eleven working prototypes. And these went on display at the Industry Museum (Gent, Belgium). Obviously, the students know the Dream Machine they worked on for months, but here they could discover all the other Dream Machines from the other schools in different towns throughout the country!

This was two days of total bliss! This ‘please-do-touch’-exhibition makes the strong case that celebrating is a vital element of a successful, enduring collaboration! We saw nothing but excitement after all those months of hard work. And some of our business partners, like KPMG Belgium and PULSE Foundation, were thrilled to witness all this creative power!

Thank you so much to all students and educators involved, all our partners and sponsors, and our amazing MyMachine Flanders & Brussels team!