Yes! Brand new dream machine ideas! In Norway!

Yes! It’s that marvellous time of the year again in MyMachine Norway! University students have entered the primary class rooms to start the collaboration. The children are asked what dream machine they would want to create. They make a drawing and explain their idea to the other children in the classroom.

It really is a wonderful moment in the MyMachine methodology. That moment where we -the adults- are able to look real, un-biased creativity right in the eye!

And so, these are the dream machines that MyMachine Norway will build this academic year:

  1. “The Problem Solver”: – according to the idea of ​​the Steiner School – a useful machine that offers suggestions for solving all problems.
  2. “Robbe”: – according to the idea of  ​​Kringsjå School – a machine that gives you suggestions for things to do when you get bored.
  3. “Anything Is Possible Robot” – by the idea of ​​Karl Johan Minne school – a machine that can both make you happy and that helps you with all types of household chores.
  4. “The Party Machine”: – according to the idea of ​​Tordenskjoldsgate school – a useful and fun solution to the need for more partying in everyday life.
  5. “Massage Machine” – by the idea of ​​Kristiansand International School – a solution to the need for more relaxing massages.

We can’t wait to see the development of the concepts!

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