World Book Day – Celebrating our book with foreword by Sir Ken Robinson

Today is World Book Day and marks 2 years since we launched this special book. We want to take this opportunity to thank all those amazing people that have contributed to our book What Is Your Dream Machine? How Children Change Education Worldwide. This book is available worldwide in your favourite online-store (from Amazon to Apple books).

The book is the result of 3 years of hard work by 21 people that have co-written it. It brings the story of MyMachine from an insiders perspective, with testimonies by our heroes: the different MyMachine Chapters that are running today around the globe and the stories of some of our alumni, teachers, professors and business partners.

The book has chapters written by these wonderful supporters of MyMachine:

Amy Kamarainen — Harvard University (USA),
Ana Sofia Godinho — Creativity Factory Program (Portugal),
Angela Haydel Debarger — William & Flora Hewlett Foundation (USA),
Christina Smiraglia — Harvard University (USA),
Edward P. Clapp — Harvard University (USA),
Hank Nourse — The New York Academy of Sciences (USA),
Inger Margrethe Stoveland — University of Agder (Norway),
Jeremy Maarman — Initiative for Community Advancement (South Africa),
Sir Ken Robinson — New York Times Bestselling Author (UK/USA),
Laura Dittel — Carpathian Foundation (Slovakia),
Miguel Silvestre — Technology Park Óbidos (Portugal),
Mihajela Crnko — (Slovenia),
Mitja Jermol — Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia),
Peter Gamwell — Author (UK/Canada),
Peter Wolbach — University Student (USA),
Sérgio Gonçalves — University Caldas da Rainha College of Arts & Design (Portugal),
Stan Greil — RSC (USA),
Terrence Byers — Fablab RSC (USA).


We are still very thankful for the foreword written by the late Sir Ken Robinson. Go here to read it.