MyMachine Portugal delivers a first (in this school year) finished Working Prototype to the primary school

We are thrilled that MyMachine Portugal has been able to deliver a first – in this school year- finished working prototype to one of the participating primary schools: Complexo Escolar dos Arcos. This “Robot”-machine was invented in Obidos. The child-inventors want a dream machine that plays with them on the playground of the school.

It has become this beautiful machine, sitting in a internal playground of the school, ready to play with, but which also allows all children to play with each other.

For the machine to work, one of the children must enter the machine and manipulate it in such a way as to generate games with the other children who are outside of the dream machine. The child-inventors were extremely happy. For the construction of this machine we had the help of our partners: ESAD Caldas da Rainha , Cenfim – Núcleo Caldas da Rainha and CEERDL – Special Education Center Rainha D. Leonor.

Due to government measurements, these times are not the easiest. Nevertheless, with MyMachine, we have always been dedicated to find tailor-made solutions per dream machine that is being elaborated. MyMachine Portugal will not be able to run a MyMachine exhibition this year, but we will be delivering the elaborated working prototypes to the primary schools as they are being finished in the participating technical secondary schools.

So stay tuned for more.

Thank you so much to all involved for making this happen!

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