Here’s our contribution to the World Creativity and Innovation Day: thousands and thousands of dream machines, matched with the united nations development goals

Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day. Probably one of the most important topics in the world. We exist because of Creativity and take proud in the fact that our work has been selected for the Spotlight on Creativity by HundrED and the LEGO Foundation.

All of us at MyMachine are so fortunate to celebrate this throughout the year. Because, since Creativity is our middle-name, every single day of the year is Creativity Day for us. So we thought -on this special day- that we should return the favour to you!

So here’s our gift to the world: our world-map of dream machine ideas!

You can browse them on gender, age, location, topic and development goal. Some of these ideas have been part of our MyMachine Chapters around the world and thus have been elaborated by primary, university and secondary students into a concept and a working prototype. Others have been part of our annual MyMachine DreamsDrop Campaign, which means that university students have made a proof-of-concept for them. We are also still in the process of uploading our wide array of dream machine ideas from all of our past years, which is a massive piece of work.

Meanwhile, we have only one favour to ask: What Is Your Dream Machine? Please make a simple drawing of it and upload it to our world-map! You’ll be rewarded with the official MyMachine Diploma for your dream machine. And who knows, we might be picking your idea in our next MyMachine DreamsDrop Campaign and university students will make a proof of concept for you.

Awaiting your uploads! Visit:

ps: read More about the United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day here.