Workshop in Bangalore, India.

Today something unique happened. We were invited by Punith Raj to do a “MyMachine workshop” in his coaching center, called JJ Academy. Punith has taken the initiative to start this academy to help out 120 children in this neighborhood of Bangalore, with their homework or teach them extra courses. This happens each day from Monday to Saturday after school hours till 20PM. By doing this children become really motivated to do good in school, to learn and to discover their talents and passion.

What we did this morning was special. We had the opportunity to do a ‘workshop’ simulating Step 1 of the MyMachine process: the ideation phase with the children. The bonus was that even older youngsters stepped in to draw their own dream machine as well.

It was a wonderful experience, showcasing that it would be extraordinary if we could setup, in the near future, MyMachine in Karnataka.

Thank you very much to Punith and his wonderful family and team that runs the academy, for their great hospitality, friendship and enthusiasm. Thank you to the truly wonderful Indiaplatform team for the setup. We hope to be back soon. Thank you Emanuel Maes for part of these pictures.