MyMachine going Main Stage at Liberal Education and The Future of the University Conference in India – June 10th

MyMachine is very proud to be invited to talk at this international conference co-organized by India Platform and BMS College of Engineering, in Bengaluru, India. The Conference that will take place on the 10th and 11th of June, has one theme: The Concern for Creativity.

The organizers claim that all around Asia, there is a growing concern about the role of creativity in education.  Even though technological developments have been on the rise for quite some time, major breakthroughs in science and technology rarely occur here. In India, both educators and employers point out that graduates excel in taking tests and performing specific tasks but lack imagination when it comes to developing new ideas and inventions.
Why do the (higher) education institutions not succeed at bringing forth creative minds? How should we change our universities and colleges to succeed?
The remedy then seems self-evident: to introduce genuine liberal education into the Indian higher education landscape so that students ‘learn to think for themselves’.

In short, no better place to introduce MyMachine. We’re very grateful for the opportunity and are very much looking forward to it.
Read more about the conference here: Rethinking India.