MyMachine Slovakia connecting with major company

Higher Education Students participating in MyMachine, go through an amazing hands-on experience (including budget restraints and deadlines), similar to their future jobs:

  • they learn to listen to their customer, in this case the Primary School child (a very demanding and brutally honest customer by the way);
  • they learn to use their own knowledge and knowhow to translate the idea into a concept;
  • they learn to take into account the production facility they can use, in this case the participating technical secondary schools: they need to understand what production machines these schools have, what complexity level the participating technical secondary school students can handle.

How better to understand this, by connecting to industry. Last Wednesday, some of the university inventors in Slovakia got the opportunity to meet the same creative people in one of the major companies supporting MyMachine Slovakia.  The University Students got the opportunity to discuss their elaborated solutions with the company-experts. Thank you to our partner company, the Lear Corporation Seating Slovakia s.r.o. for the invitation and the valuable practical advice to the participating University Students.