MyMachine Norway connecting with major companies

MyMachine Norway has entered into agreements with 2 companies Glencore Nikkelverk and Agder EnergiThe agreements worth NOK 900,000 mean that the two cornerstone companies support MyMachine, which in Norway is managed by the Center for Young Art and Culture at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Agder.

This is very good for both the children, the secondary level students and the university students participating in the program as well as the companies. “Through this collaboration, we all contribute to further developing education in Norway with creativity and a focus on the future skills of work”, says Kai Steffen Østensen from MyMachine Norway.

MyMachine Norway has been piloted with the support of Cultiva Foundation three years ago. Their willingness to invest has been very important and has helped us in establish the basis for a future proof MyMachine Norway. Now the business world in Norway is taking over, and we are very pleased that both Nikkelverket and Agder Energi are joining our efforts. These are two important and major companies for the development of future jobs and industries in Norway.

The agreement, which has now been signed, also means that a special visitation scheme is now being prepared for pupils in secondary schools in Agder who are participating, at both the Nikkelverket and Agder Energi. Through these, students will gain insight into the two companies about what they can offer from work either with a vocational certificate or higher education. The idea is also that these visits can more easily create apprenticeships and internships in the companies. Furthermore, the agreement stipulates that two meetings will be arranged in the year where mentors from the Nikkelverket and Agder Energi provide input to the students’ contributions to the projects.

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