MyMachine Indiana (USA): amazing videos showing the entire process from ideation to the working prototype of this year’s invented Dream Machines!

Ever wondered how it feels to be a student or an educator involved in MyMachine? Here’s your chance of getting a taste of it! The Indiana Chapter of MyMachine USA has delivered the result of a full year’s creative co-creation: 4 Dream Machines have been invented, conceptualised and built! In this very first cycle, over 950 students were involved!

Graduate students in the Indiana University School of Education Making for Learning class of Professor Adam Maltese created a curriculum unit for elementary students to engage in learning about engineering, design and STEM. These materials were passed on to Monroe County Community School Corporation (the local school district) for use in their annual design challenge.

Then University Students studying Design proposed one or more solutions for the selected Dream Machines. There are a few interactions and the elementary school children give feedback and eventually select the best solutions for further development. Professor Jonathan Racek engaged his design students from IU Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design in creating designs and basic prototypes. These designs were finalized and then passed on to students at the next stage.

HOOSIER HILLS CAREER CENTER vocational student teams took on these concepts and did their best to interpret the designs and build working prototypes. These were then presented back to the initial student designers in a final reveal (see videos below).

In addition to all this, we had one more group of learners benefiting – Professor Susanne Schwibs who teaches Documentary Filmmaking at The Media School – Indiana University had her students learn about creating documentaries by using these stories and interactions as the focus of their class. 
Here are the YouTube links to these fabulous documentaries:

Dream Machine “Snowman”:

Dream Machine “Homeless Helper”:

Dream Machine “Dog Distractor”:

Dream Machine “The Imagine Brush”:

Thank you so much to all students and educators involved! And many thanks to the MyMachine Indiana team guided by Adam Maltese and Jon Racek!