MyMachine is growing again: Welcome MyMachine Kenya!

It is with tremendous pleasure that we can announce that a contract was signed for a new MyMachine Chapter: MyMachine Kenya!

Our partner is Stadi za Maisha Educational Trust in the capital Nairobi. This non-profit organisation focuses on gifted and talented education. They work in collaboration with local communities, schools and other local organizations in offering alternative education programs to supplement the national education curriculum by working closely with the Ministry of Education by providing quality and inclusive education. And they also work closely with the Kenyan Vision 2030 Secretariat through various activities that would promote Kenya to the next level in line with the Vision 2030 goals.  

Stadi Za Maisha aims to start its first MyMachine Kenya pilot later this year, focussing on schools in Nairobi. Afterwards, they plan on growing MyMachine Kenya to other counties in Kenya. 

Very much looking forward to the very near future when Edward Mokua and Agnes Wangeci -and all at Stadi Za Maisha- will be able to introduce the first elaborated Dream Machines!