From the very start of MyMachine, we keep on emphasising that MyMachine is all about the process: the possibility for young students to discover what it takes to bring an idea to life, while learning in an open education context to be creative, to co-create, to respect each other’s talents, to be entrepreneurial, to discover STEAM, to discover why it’s important to keep on dreaming.

But also from the very first run, we did acknowledge that we shouldn’t be blind to the opportunity that a few ideas might have potential as a market viable product.

So today we are very proud to announce that one year ago, we have started a collaboration with Vanhalst, 2 Give And Enjoy; a Belgian company selling products in 32 countries worldwide. The company is now making a big investment to transform the product-idea into a final product, to make sure that it complies with all regulations for each of the countries the product could be launched in and to get all necessary certifications, organise production, distribution, marketing and sales.

The product itself will be labeled as a MyMachine product. People who buy it will be very much aware that they are not just buying a great product, but by doing so, also support MyMachine. This means that part of the revenue is coming back to the MyMachine Global Foundation; which will enable us to keep on providing MyMachine for free to all the participating schools.

So we present to you: myBOO!

myBOO looks amazing! It has a soft touch. It is a night lamp that changes colour while keeping the good ghosts around to protect you and chase away the bad ghosts. The device is responsive to touch and is rechargeable via USB.

Anyone buying a myBOO will be able to register the product (on our website) by dropping it on our World Map of myBOOs freeing the world from bad ghosts.

Today, we cannot confirm yet which countries will pick up the product. The way it works is that the Belgian company has distributors in 32 countries (and growing). But it’s these distributors that decide wether or not they think there’s a market for the product in that country. We do expect the first myBOOs to hit the shops by November 2019.

Here’s the myBOO product page for more details:

Stay tuned for updates.