Join With Your Classroom

It’s something completely new. We are piloting our brand new MyMachine DreamsDrop. And we are inviting every primary classroom around the world to join!

Joining is really easy: this is how it works:
  1. Have the children in the primary classroom invent and draw their Dream Machine(s)
  2. Upload these to our World Map of ideas before 15 October 2019
  3. You as a teacher will receive a personalised MyMachine Inventors Diploma for each uploaded idea
  4. On 15th of October 2019 we will pick an idea from each continent and university students (product designers) in Belgium will bring it to life: if an idea from your classroom gets chosen, then:
    • with your classroom you will be able to follow the work of the students on 23-24-25 October
    • we can organise an online presentation of the result with your classroom
    • you will receive a poster of the making of this dream machine
    • you will get one myBOO (the very first real-life product by MyMachine).
including as well our template (to make drawings; you can use this but don’t have to) and (the must-read-2 pager-) guidelines (to organise the 1 hour session in the classroom).


If an idea from your classroom gets chosen, then you’ll be notified personally.