Channeling Discovery

In the past few weeks, primary school students in Slovakia have been on discovery trips! They have been able to visit vocational/technical secondary schools to see what the production of the prototype looks like in real life. They were introduced to machine learning, for example, for the Pen-That-Can-Write-Homework. This was fun and sometimes disappointing – as even artificial intelligence often confuses answers. They learned about robotic arms, being used in the 4000-Clothing-Sorter. They saw car production machines, used to build their Flying-Car. Or how graphics are being coded when making their computer game Saving-Rob-Bob. Or how CNC drills are being used for making their “Electric-Backpack-With-A-Megabox-For-Markers”.

But they could also visit companies, to see all the similarities there, how also companies build products and services, they need to invent, design, and test, just like what happens in MyMachine.

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