World Creativity Day. Today is your day!

We’re thrilled to share this video with you today. It’s a selection of students, professors, industry people, and MyMachine coordinators who were willing to share some thoughts about how MyMachine challenged their creativity.

Every year on April 21, the UN celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day to raise awareness about the role of innovation and creativity in each aspect of human development. The main idea behind this day is to push countries into creative multidisciplinary thinking at both group and individual levels. It’s obvious that this day doubles as the Annual Global MyMachine Day!

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution to celebrate the day on 27 April 2017.  The founder of the day was the Canadian Marci Segal, who was studying creativity in 1977 at the International Center for Studies in Creativity.

The UN says that there may be no universal understanding of creativity. The concept is open to interpretation from artistic expression to problem-solving in the context of economic, educational, social and sustainable development.

It lays emphasis on creativity and culture as it does not only yield economic value, but also have a significant non-monetary value that contributes to inclusive social development. At the same time the UN urges its member countries to make cultural and creativity industries part of their economic growth strategies. The UN says, “These industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy, generating $2.25 billion in revenue and 29.5 million jobs worldwide.”

We wish you the creative confidence to bring your ideas to life!

We wish you a crazy creative day!

ps: thank you so much to Alexa, Ana Sofia, Charlene, Ferdinand, Jeremy, Jessica, Kevin, Lauren, Lubomir, Nuno, Olivier, Suné, Ms. Thompson, Zofia!