Work-In-Progress in MyMachine Norway

When the university students walk away from the ideation session in the primary classroom, they start the endeavour of translating what “the client” wants into a design -taking into account the available production facilities (= the participating technical secondary schools). It happens with constant feedback-loops to the primary school children.

After brainstorms on possible concepts, discussing and learning the available tooling and skills at the participating technical schools, the university students need to funnel all their ideas into one concept.

At this Work-In-Progress event, the primary school children are invited to the university to give feedback on the proposed design. They see mock-ups of how the working prototype in the end could look like. The mock-ups aren’t the final product; they aren’t working prototypes. They are showing the design principles and functionalities and the ideas concerning the human-machine interfaces.

This is always an amazing moment in the MyMachine methodology! It’s always such a thrill to see the discussions between the primary school children and the university students. The university students capture all the feedback and it allows them to -if necessary- remodel the final concept, before it goes into Step 3 – the production of a working prototype in collaboration with the participating technical secondary schools.

We can’t wait to see those mock-ups develop into real working prototypes!