Why making a machine to create snowballs in different sizes means the world to this child

MyMachine Slovenia has shared a beautiful testimonial by Prof. Sabina Vuga:

As a little girl I had great dreams and a clear goal to become a teacher. I followed that dream to become one. I still enjoy this every day.

At school, we face the daily challenges of how to provide students with a stimulating learning environment and interesting activities, and how to enable them to achieve the best results according to their abilities. Every school year we try to provide students with activities that will motivate them, provide them with progress, develop their interests and strong areas.
Equally important is the fact that in accordance with the possibilities we listen to their wishes and dreams and create opportunities for their realization. Above all, it is important that we let our children dream.

The exceptional idea that we can convert the idea of one of our primary school children through the MyMachine methodology, has prompted us to participate in MyMachine Slovenia.

The young students embarked on this endeavour under the mentorship of Nives Marković and Orjana Jakomin Velikanje. They young children painted their own dream machine. In doing so, they were given only an instruction that the dream machine should be important to them and that they should have a strong desire. We saw that their dreams were their driving force in exploring the wealth of their imagination.

The finished products expressed interesting dreams; from robots who write homework to those who carry a school bag, to a helmet that wakes up in the morning, and so on. The drawing of six-year-old Neja Mužin revealed her idea for a snowball machine. This would be a machine that, on request, creates a snowball of different sizes; from S, M, L and XL. Her dreams will not be left on paper. Students from the Secondary Technical School Koper will take care of the prototype. Through joint planning, decision-making, with a unified vision and creativity, we managed to carry out this project.

So let no-one say to you that you shouldn’t be chasing your dreams. There are many people who do and now we at our school are doing it as well and it’s a life changing course. To all of you who are still waiting for the realization of these, I advise you to continue to grow them and to be persistent in doing so. Be faithful to yourself every day and follow your inner clinging.

Let me conclude with the thought with which I completely agree: Keep up your dreams. And do everything you need to turn them into reality. (B. Sallee)

Sabina Vuga, prof.

Read the original (Sloveen) here: https://www.mymachine.si/v-sv-antonu-si-bomo-naredili-snezaka-sanje-so-uresnicljive/