Where do those Dream Machine ideas come from?

From Primary School Students of course! A new school year has started in Belgium. A couple of weeks in, this means that ideation starts for sourcing new Dream Machines!

MyMachine Liège has launched the participating university students to go into the primary class with the open-ended question: “What Is Your Dream Machine?”. Anything goes, as long as the child really, really wants it.

The MyMachine-disruption of the ‘normal’ class creates a context in which these young, free-thinking minds can dive deep into their souls to invent their Dream Machines. Some of them look serious, others happy, others focused, but all of them proud. Proud because they invented their Dream Machine, and because we took them seriously.

Now the university students will jump in to propose a Concept for these inventions, based upon all the input given by their ‘customers’. We can’t wait to see the next steps in the MyMachine methodology unfold and to witness how students learn in this unique endeavour.

Here are some pictures of such an ideation-session in one of the participating primary schools: