MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition

Celebrating months of hard work. The final exhibition of this year’s run in MyMachine Slovenia was just that! Preschool children and students of primary school Otlica, OŠ Danila Lokarja Ajdovščina (primary school Vrtovin, Skrilje and Vipavaski Cross), Otroški vrtec Ajdovščina enota ob Hublju , OŠ Dobravlje! (prš Lokavec) and a group of preschool children O.Š. Draga Bajca Vipava participated this year.

To go from Idea to Concept to Working Prototype is a lengthy process. This year, four prototypes of Dream Machines were made through this inspiring collaboration of primary, secondary and higher education students in partnership with the Learning Manufacturing Laboratory (MIC Šolski center Nova Gorica) and the mentoring program Garaža, Zavod BETA – Inštitut za razvoj družbe, and on a region level coordinated by Regijska razvojna agencija ROD Ajdovščina.

And the results went on display Friday, September 22nd at OOZ Ajdovščina in Ajdovšcina. All students and educators involved could discover and test:

  • A strawberry plant that allows strawberries to grow and ripen all year round.
  • The ice cream van
  • Waterer or. watering tool
  • 3D glasses for virtual classroom visits.

We finished the exhibition in an extraordinary way, as researchers Evelin Gruden and Matej Kovačič from Institut Jožef Stefan presented what happens when chemistry meets electronics through an exciting workshop of chemical experiments.

Thank you so much to all the students and educators involved, and to our wonderful MyMachine Slovenia team at Institut Jožef Stefan.