When companies who partner with us are in awe of the creativity within MyMachine

We are humbled by the pride this company takes in being a partner of MyMachine in Slovakia. B/S/H/ Drives and Pumps is one of our esteemed company partners of MyMachine Slovakia. Based in Michalovce they are part of the BOSCH group. The company’s main activity is developing and producing electric motors, pumps and fans. The company produces more than 13 million engines annually.

They recently shared their excitement on LinkedIN about their partnership with MyMachine. It says:

Just recently, our colleagues took part in a remarkable launch event at the primary school in Humenne, where we witnessed the incredible potential of young minds and their boundless creativity.

During this MyMachine event, we had the opportunity to interact with a group of talented third-grade students who were given a unique task: to draw their Dream Machines. The energy in the room was palpable as their curiosity and imagination went into overdrive.
Many initial questions were quickly replaced by a truly creative atmosphere in which young innovators were encouraged to dream big and push the boundaries of their imagination. These young visionaries were given the freedom to brainstorm, sketch and visualize their Dream Machines, which led to remarkable results.

The event’s highlight was when each child proudly presented their vision to the rest of the group. In detail – like real designers – they described how each particular machine would work and in what incredible way it could help us in everyday life. The level of detail and thought put into these designs has left us in awe. These ideas now progress to the next stage of the process, where they are processed by university students who develop a Concept of how to build these dream machines.

We are immensely proud of the progress we have made with MyMachine and look forward to further journeys and the incredible innovations that will undoubtedly come from this collaboration.

Thank you so much to all at B/S/H, to our amazing MyMachine Slovakia team, and to all students and teachers involved!

Here’s the original post (Slovakian):