Primary classes participating in MyMachine Mexico visit the university!

A lot happens when students from primary school visit their peers at the university. They are there to understand the context in which their designers —the university students— work, and how they are able to translate their Dream Machine idea into a Concept.

But there’s also a lot more going on! According to research done by Short (et. al. 2017; Rone, 2008; Das, 2015), learning experiences outside of the classroom act as interdisciplinary sites of engagement where students are encouraged to use knowledge from different classes and integrate it into their analysis of what is going on around them. The experience outside of the classroom allows for students to think critically about, for example, resources and sustainability, power and privilege, and complex societal issues as they surface in real-world contexts and interactions. Because of this, immersive experiences challenge stereotypes and assumptions that students might hold and encourage them to become more self-reflexive learners. 

This is how it looks when the children at primary school Escuela Solidaridad 2666 visit the Engineering Faculty at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez: