University students making concepts in Belgium

In this year’s run of MyMachine Flanders&Brussels (Belgium, Europe), different participating university faculties have incorporated the MyMachine assignment at other moments in their curriculum. The students at the faculty of Industrial Product Design at Howest University of Applied Sciences are delivering a design sprint this week. One hundred fifty students are turning Dream Machines into Concepts.

Some examples:
1. The-Put-Chocolate-Spread-On-My-Sandwich-Machine: invented by 2nd-grade primary school children. It also has to cut your sandwiches so that the morning procedures at home run smoothly for children and parents!

2. With the-Mental-Wellbeing-Machine, the child-inventors want to help everyone because the more people feel mentally sound, the less violence there will be!

3. The 6-graders conceived The-Magical-Desk to enable them to find their school books and other items more easily and quickly.

4. And the KAPRO invented by 4th graders transforms your room into a Dream World so that you can travel within your bedroom.

This extraordinary creative vibe unites 3rd-year and 1st-year students to turn those ideas into concepts. They will deliver the concepts by the end of this week. Because this Friday, there will be a Work-In-Progress event where these primary school children will visit the university to give feedback on the concepts.