MyMachine DreamsDrop: university students in Belgium start working on Dream Machine Ideas from Canada and Mexico

The next phase of the MyMachine DreamsDrop Campaign 2022 has started today. Until last Friday, primary school teachers (from different countries worldwide) have joined with their class by uploading Dream Machine Ideas from their students.

We selected some ideas. from different schools around the globe. And today, students of Industrial Product Design at Howest University in Belgium started elaborating ideas from Primary Schools in Canada and Mexico. All while at the same time, these students were also doing the same assignment as part of the MyMachine Flanders&Brussels (Belgium).

We were happy to welcome one of our business partners as well: consultants of KPMG joined today to give feedback to these college students while at the same time observing the specifics of the typical MyMachine setting that enables ideas to grow and make creativity flourish.

It was a wonderful creative vibe that united 3rd-year and 1st-year students to turn those ideas into concepts. They will be able to deliver the concepts by the end of this week, after which they look forward to collecting feedback from the child-inventors on the concepts they proposed.