The ShoeWash revealed

While Belgium is engulfed in a heatwave these days, playing in rainy weather sounds like a wonderful idea! But what should we do with those filthy, muddy, shoes when entering school?

Primary school children at Groeicampus Lager in Genk came up with this clever solution: the ShoeWash. This Interactive-Shoe-Washing-Machine works on human power. It was designed by university students at PXL University, and built by vocational students at Go Campus Genk Altea.

Today was the big reveal at the school. The Regional Television TVL was there to document it, and all we see are proud students and teachers! Here’s their video: (Dutch)

Next up is that this Dream Machine will now move to the forthcoming exhibition in Brussels, before coming back for good to this school.
Thank you so much to all students and educators involved! And our amazing team at MyMachine Flanders & Brussels!