The child-inventors giving final feedback on the presented designs by the university students

Right before the winter break, something amazing happened in Liège, Belgium! The Work-In-Progress Event by MyMachine Liège invited the Primary School Students to visit the university. As inventors, they are the customers to cater. This event invites these demanding and brutally honest customers to giving feedback on the designs elaborated by the University Students.

On this occasion, the HELMo – Gramme (university) students welcomed the children to share with them all the plans and technical details, and small-scale proof-of-concepts: in short: a full immersion and understanding of what an engineer does. And the event included additional activities like an introduction for the children to specialized workshops, including 3D printers and the turbomachine lab.

Many thanks to university professors Yannick and Anne-Michèle and the university students for their presentations and engagement! And many thanks to our amazing MyMachine Liège team!

Next up: the vocational/technical secondary schools will be launching the production of the working prototypes for these Dream Machines!