Inventing their Dream Machine – Building Creative Confidence

More than 300 students in primary classes in Flanders & Brussels (Belgium, Europe) were given a mission: to awaken the creative power in themselves and create something no one has shown them: the machine of their dreams! As university students were entering these primary classes to invite the young students to be creative, hundreds of white sheets of paper suddenly became hundreds of unique Dream Machine ideas!

Afterwards, each group of primary school students decided what would become the Dream Machine of their class. They then go on to explore and shape this idea together and construct a small-scale proof of concept using cheap materials. Using these drawings and models, the university student teams will design a proof-of-concept for these Dream Machine Ideas.

But in the end, all these students are not just building Dream Machines, they are actually building creative confidence. Appreciating how their ideas actually can be brought to life and can make a difference.