Testing the Proof Of Concepts in Norway

Whoa! Testing out the mock-ups! University students at the University of Agder have hosted a Work-In-Progress event at the university.

Participating primary school students visited the university to give final feedback on the elaborated proof of concepts made by the university students.

Proof of Concepts of the Pirate-Pig-Wiggly-Funny-Machine, the Stand-Up-Machine, the Flying-Machine, The-Speed-Sweater, and the Dynamic-Climbing-Rack were tested by the idea-makers at this campus that for a day was shaken by all the innovation, confetti, pride and laughter that comes with this marvellous event.

University students learn to interact with their ‘customers’ (the children) and learn a lot from their spontaneous reactions, their creativity, and their focus on (finding) solutions. Primary school students learn that elaborating their dream machine ideas into tangible products takes effort, focus, knowledge, and finding the angle to make it work.

We love these high-energy moments!

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