Take a look at the brilliant new dream machines of MyMachine Slovenia

Take a look at the wonderful dream machines being built by MyMachine Slovenia:

1. Plavac:
This machine gives children vocal instructions that helps them to learn to swim. The dream machine will also play with them in the water.

2. Save-Driving-Machine:
This dream machine is a driving assistent for adults and children in the car. It gives a vocal warning when the car drives to fast and it gives the driver a compliment when he or she is reducing the car speed. The dream machine will be blue.

3. Sensor Suitcase:
problem: I often have to look for the remote control of my playstation.
solution: we build a suitcase with a sensor that will guide me to the place where I can find the remote control. This suitcase can also be used as a satchel to go to school.

4. The Juicer:
The juicer is a treadmill that turn apples into juice. But don’t be mistaken, the Juicer can make other juices as well.

5. The breakfast maker:
This machine looks like a robot and makes a delicious breakfast for you.

6. The Singing Songs Slide:
This is a wonderful slide to play on. It’s colorful like flowers, and has glitters and lights. Underneath is hiding place with cushions.

7. The Zombie Machine:
This machine can make real zombies that protect you and help you doing things at home (if you ask it friendly). This machine is a collaboration between MyMachine Slovenia and MyMachine Belgium.

To find out more about the dream machines in Slovenia: www.mymachine.si