Meet the five brilliant Dream Machines from MyMachine Portugal this year

MyMachine Óbidos is building five dream machines this year, and they’re brilliant:

  1. “The-don’t-let-the-tacher-think-about-giving-us-homework-today-machine”

Problem: we don’t like to be given home work by the teacher.
Solution: when the time comes the teacher chooses to give us homework, we pupils put a helmet on the head of the teacher. This Don’t-let-the-tacher-think-about-giving-us-homework-today-helmet makes her forget about homework, and makes her think of good things instead. How does it work? The Helmet has a series of buttons that they can choose from to directing the thinking of the teacher to love, nature, environment or imagine that she’s in the clouds!

2. “The-tranquility-machine”

Problem: some children misbehave on the playground
Solution: this machine enables you to direct a laser beam to those kids to calm them.

3. “The-super-dog-vacuum-cleaner”

Problem: our bedroom is often full with garbage and we have a friend who is afraid of dogs
Solution: create a vacuum cleaner that looks like a dog and that helps you cleaning up our room and that enables our friend to stop being afraid of dogs.

4. “The-ride”
Problem: I don’t have any remote-controlled car and would like to build the best car in the world
Solution: build a wooden remote controlled car that works on batteries.

5. “The-increase-my-concentration-helmet”

Problem: I’d like to be more focused in class.
Solution: build a helmet that helps us to be more focused in the classroom.


We’re already very curious to see the working prototypes when they’ll be finished in June.